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Qyoot Bunny Bun by Sophibelle
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Ask me about commissions!

I will have approximately 1-3 slots available at any given time. If you see a slot open, simply message me about a commission and I'll get back to you ASAP! Slots are first come, first served and they cannot be reserved unless they are paid for in full!

Updated order statuses will be listed on my page. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment (account for fabric ordering, sewing, and shipping time). Delays will be rare (most for emergencies or vacations), but if there will be delays with work or shipment for any reason, I will alert you promptly. I cannot promise to meet deadlines, but I will take a little time as possible to complete an order.
I work Monday-Friday on commission work. I take weekends off as well as holidays and special events (anniversaries, birthday, etc).

Full payment is required before I start on your commission. Paypal only!If payment is not received promptly, your slot will be dropped.
All prices are USD and do not include shipping (see shipping prices below).

Prices are for plushies made from high quality minky fabric with machine embroidered eyes and other details. Each plush is a handcrafted, unique collectible and all patterns are my own. For exact quotes, note me with the character you want along with the size you want it to be.

:star: PRICE ESTIMATES :star:

:bulletblack: Small plush: 6 - 12 inches
Ninetails Commission by MeggChann
$50- $150

:bulletblack: Medium plush: 13 - 17 inches
Shuckle plush by MeggChann
$160 - $250

:bulletblack: Large plush: 19 - 26 inches
$300 - $500

If you want something larger than 26 inches, note me so we can discuss a quote.

:star: PONIES :star:

:bulletblack: Lying down pattern or sitting pattern: about 11 inches from front to back hoof lying down and around a foot tall sitting.
Queen Chrysalis filly by MeggChann
Qetesh batpony oc by MeggChann
$120 - $220 depending on complexity of the design and number of colors

:bulletblack: Standing pattern: about 15 inches from bottom of hoof to head
Christmas Fluttershy plush by MeggChann
$200 - Unicorns, Earth ponies, and Pegasus (with wings down)
$225 - Pegasus wings out
$250 - Alicorn OCs

:star: GRIFFONS (MLP style) :star:
:bulletblack: Sitting pattern about 13 inches tall
Gilda the Griffon plush by MeggChann
$300 -$400 for OCs (depends on complexity), $300 for Gilda

:bulletred:Things I will not do:bulletred:
-Homestuck (I'm a Homestuck myself, but legally I am unable to do commissions)
-Humans (maybe sometime in the future, but for now I'm not interested)
-Clothing on small plushies (small accessories like bows are fine)
I reserve the right to turn down any request for any reason.


:bulletblack: Shipping: I ship through USPS priority. If you want faster shipping, it will cost extra. Small plushies are $7, medium plushies are $10, and large depends on the size (ranges from $15-$20). Note me for shipping outside of the US.

:bulletblack: Disclaimer: Once a plush has been shipped, it is no longer my responsibility and I will not be held accountable for lost or damaged items. Insurance can be purchased with additional costs. No refunds and no points instead of payment.
If you fail to stay in contact with me after your plush has been completed and I am unable to get an address from you to send your order after an extended period of time, the transaction will be canceled. I will not be responsible for you failing to keep in touch with me!


Twilight Sparkle Pixel-Pagedoll by Sutexii

Work in Progress

This is a list of commissions and/or personal projects I am currently working on or going to start soon! I do not always go by order of this list; I will typically complete the easier projects first and then continue on to finish the larger, more complicated projects afterwards.

:bulletyellow: OC commission for: :icondalomir: TRANSProgressBar 075 by z-stellmaria (sewing details)
Katrina - FiM Style: Version 1 by Dalomir

:bulletred: Maud Pie for: :iconmylittlemerch: TRANSProgressBar 000 by z-stellmaria (not started)
Maud Pie by Toutax

3.) :bulletred: Scootaloo for: :icondeadparrot22: TRANSProgressBar 000 by z-stellmaria (not started. need fabric)
Vector Sitting Scootaloo by Kyss.S by KyssS90

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Art Trades

:bulletred: OC Sarsaparilla for :icontheharley: (need fabric) TRANSProgressBar 000 by z-stellmaria
Sarsaparilla by MeggChann


These are the plushies that I currently have up for adoption!


Out of Town

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 4:00 AM
I will be leaving today to visit family for Easter and I will not return until Tuesday. Once I return, I will continue working on my plush commissions again. I hope you all have a nice holiday!

About Me

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Hello there! My name is Megg and I work at home full time as a seamstress and cartoonist. My passion for creating and growing as an artist has allowed me to work for myself. I've been obsessed with plushies since I was young and over the last few years, I've taught myself how to create my own! I generally make plushies and draw fanart as my main source of commission work, but occasionally I'll do other crafts such as sculpting or needle felting. My interests vary and my skills are continuing to grow as I learn more about each craft.

Please refer to the FAQ for any questions you may have. I am frequently open for commission work, so if at any time my commissions are on hold, check back frequently for an opening. Thank you!

My boyfriend: :iconcryoganix: :heart:

Cecilia the Bunny by nestra


Q: Do you take commissions? What are your prices?
A: Yes, I try to take commissions as often as possible. Prices and further details are listed on the left of my page in the "Commissions" box.

Q: What machine do you use? What fabric?
A: I currently use a Brother SE400 for embroidery and a Brother XL-2600 for sewing. Previously, I used primarily fleece, but I am now strictly using minky fabric on my commission work.

Q: Do you make your own patterns? How do you do it?
A: Yes, I make all of my own patterns unless stated otherwise. Making patterns can be difficult, but it's all a matter of trial and error. I learned through practicing with free patterns online, studying how other plushies are made, and understanding what techniques can be used for different shapes.

Q: Will you share or sell your patterns?
A: No I will not. I work on my own patterns for my personal use.

Q: Why are your plushies so expensive?
A: When you commission an artist to make a plush, you have to understand all the materials that go into making it; fabric, thread, embroidery supplies, stuffing, etc. Also take into account that each plush takes nearly a full work day (9am-5pm) to complete, sometimes several days at a time. You also have to keep in mind that in my case, this is my primary source of income! I work full time as a seamstress and artist, so any commission money I make is the only money I have! I have spent countless hours developing my skills as an artist; if you want quality, you have to be able to pay for it! As far as cost estimates are concerned, I'd like to quote Makeshiftwings:

"Here's a controversial topic. Material cost is a big factor. I use minky fabric which runs $14 a yard. Embroidery supplies are VERY expensive (one spool of thread is $5.50!). If you take out material costs, and Ebay/Paypal fees which are 14% of the total, what's left is labor fee. If I sell a plush for $60, take $20 out for material/fees, and if a plush takes me 10 hours to make, that's $4 an hour. That's less than minimum wage. No one would work for that.
A huge thing to keep in mind is that this is custom made by one person. Mass produced toys are so cheap because they are mass produced. One person doesn't work on them and actually take the time to make sure they look good/accurate. I mean, have you SEEN the official Twilight plush? Can you see why it's only $20 something dollars? It's not show accurate, they use cheap materials, it's poorly designed, and it's poorly sewn. On top of that, skilled labor is not equal to minimum wage labor.
There are cheaper pony plush options out there. Trust me. If you search, you will find them. But keep in mind, unless you get lucky, you will get what you pay for."

If you have any further questions, feel free to note me!

Twilight Talent - Pixel by KennyKlent


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Awww your ponysona is the cutest thing ever >w< Amazing artwork to!
MeggChann 2 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
Ahh thank you so much ;A; <3
My pleasure dear ;w; ~
NeonStreaksNS Feb 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hello, i just saw your webcam and OMG SO CUTE!
TehPinkHunter Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I made you some fan art ! ^_^ (I'm kinda new to digital art cx )…
MeggChann Jan 19, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
You are so sweet, she looks adorable!! :heart: Thank you!
TehPinkHunter Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yay! I'm so happy you like it! :D
Welcome to Bat Country!  =D
Mangoes all around!

(Thank you so much!  Keep up the awesome work! :worship:)
MeggChann Jan 5, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
OH my gosh, this is the single best plush photo I have ever seen :D
They'll be quite happy together :3 

You're very welcome, always a pleasure! :heart:
Heehee, glad you like it!  =)
Bats gotta stick together!

Thanks again!
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